04 October, 2009

Benefits of using handcrafted soaps

There are so many benefits to using handcrafted soaps & body products that I don’t even know where to being! Handcrafted soaps & body products are good for your body, good for the environment and good for the economy. Let me tell you why…

For starters, handcrafted soap is great for your skin. There are so many fillers in mass produced soaps & body products that even though they may claim to produce soft skin, have moisturizing content, and even vitamins or other essentials, the truth of the matter is that they can also be full of detergents, chemicals and dyes. Handcrafted soaps & body products on the other hand, are typically made from a natural glycerine base and have added ingredients such as olive oil, Jojoba & coco butter, just to name a few. From there, they are scented and dyed from natural dehydrated ingredients that we may find in or own local market. Sugar, Oatmeal, honey, you name it and it may be in your soap, but it’s all natural! Many of the ingredients found in handcrafted soaps & body products are nothing less than the quality of the food you eat. And thought I can’t speak for everyone, I know that I take pride in suing the best quality ingredients I can find. If I wouldn’t eat it, then I won’t use it in my soap.

This brings me the next benefit of using handcrafted soaps & body products. Not only are they good for our skin, but there are also have many social benefits to buying handcrafted soaps & body products. If you are an animal rights activist or even just someone who cares about their quality of life, then buy handcrafted soaps & body products may be something that’s important to you because handcrafted soaps & body products are never tested on animals, like many of the mass produced products we buy. In fact my soaps & body products are all tested on family & friends. Mass produced soaps & body products are often full of high content animal fat, while handcrafted soaps & body products are full of vegetable based oils making them vegan friendly, beside Goats Milk Soaps & body products. And not only removing animals from the equation, but handcrafted soaps & body products are also better for the environment. Think about every time you take a shower, and how many detergents are being washed down the drain, into our sewage system. Well, with handcrafted soaps; body products, you can put your mind at ease knowing that what you are using in the shower is an all natural product made up of items grown by the earth, thus being safer for them to go back into the earth after being used. So as you can see, being environmentally conscious can have a great impact on more than just what you eat, but what you use for cleaning your body as well.

And finally, aside from the environmentally friendly socialites in the world, there is yet another group of people out there striving to make our economy a little more structurally sound, and that would be nothing less than the group of entrepreneurs, like me, Purely Natural Living. While you might pay a little more for handcrafted soap you would for mass produced commercial soaps & body products, you’ll find that there is an added benefit to buying something made right here at home. There are many people making soaps & body products and other wonderful handcrafted products can help our economy become more stable and locally sufficient. Let’s support these small businesses and bring the jobs back home!

So the next time you run across an art fair or craft show and wrinkle your nose at $5 for one little 100gm bar of soap think again. Not only are you doing something good for your body, but with that comes peace of mind for your lifestyle and the economy that you live in. Your skin will thank you, the environment will thank you and so will the economy. So give it a try! You might just find that handcrafted soaps & body products are your new favourite and affordable pampering treat.