01 December, 2009

Why do we use Australian Pink Clay in our products?

Clay has been used as a medicinal aid for thousands of years in societies all around the world.

The Australian Aborigines used local clays not only in their art and body decoration, but as medicine. They knew that clays are able to draw out toxins from the skin and so they would apply it to stings and certain wounds. Not only did they use the clay externally but they actually ate clay with some meals to treat certain intestinal problems.

Australian clay is very pure. The geography of our harsh continent has meant that we have quality mineral and nutrient content in the clay which has not been contaminated by centuries of inhabitation and subsequent environmental damage. The clay is mined under strict conditions and is sun dried so that it stays pure..

Clay comes in different, naturally occurring colours. Each colour has a different effect on the skin because of its different mineral composition.

Pink clay is very gentle. It helps to clean the skin by gently drawing out the impurities in the pores. It helps to give skin a firm and toned look. .You will often see pink clay used in a face mask because as it dries it lifts out all the dirt clogging up the pores but it is gentle enough to leave the skin feeling soft.

Our Rose and Pink Clay Goats Milk Soap relies on the pink clay for that extra deep cleaning power. When that is combined with rose, which is well known for being excellent for the skin, and the skin softening power of goat’s milk, we have a soap that becomes a spa for the body. Other products we have with this wonderful ingredient include our Goddess soap and Our Goddess Bath Salts

Australian Pink Clay is a special product that you know will be beneficial for your skin.