09 November, 2009

Purely Natural Living Product Review

We have been getting reviews on our products recently, have you seen them? Here are a couple of them;

Here is some of what Mum e Assistant had to say

"I have been alternating between the Goats Milk Soap and the Liquid Soap on a daily basis now for about 1 ½ weeks and in that time have not felt the need to apply moisturiser after showering as these wonderful natural products do not contain any harmful chemicals that dry your skin only natural oils.

So do yourself a favour and visit Purely Natural Living today and pick up some wonderful handmade Christmas gifts. "

You can read the full article and other articles at Mum e Assistant Blog.

Here is some of what Your Cheeky Monkey had to say

You can read the full article and other articles at Your Cheeky Monkey Blog.

"Not surprising, I have to rave about the Goddess Bath Salts – just the name alone is enough to win me over let alone having an excuse to bathe in a sea of pink bath salts with rose petals… take it from me, you just have to try these! I managed to sneak a bath in at the end of a very stressful day using the Goddess Bath Salts, and afterwards felt like a new girl!
The great thing about the Purely Natural Living soaps is that they are so natural and soft to use I have no hesitation using them for my sons (in fact I wouldn’t have a problem using them for a baby either). ..... "

Thank you very much to Leigh Pendergast from Mum e Assistant and Monique Nickalls from Your Cheeky Monkey for your reviews. If you would like to try these or any other Purely Natural Living product please visit us.

Remember for every $30 spent at Purely Natural Living, before 1 December 2009,  you go into the draw for a $50 Gift Voucher