18 November, 2009

Purely Natural Living & Christmas

Now, although I do most of my shopping these days online, I have recently been out and about checking out what the Big Stores have for us this year.  OK, OK, I'm really doing research to see what my competitors are doing.  I've been looking at the Gift hampers they have out and am not pleased to say that alot them are no so good for you. 

Do you ever wonder about your skin care ingredients?

You should - the amount of unnecessary chemicals and additives that go into our body care products is mind boggling. From parabens, leaching mineral oils to isolated components of natural products such as linalools, the skin care we use is packed full of a variety of harmful additives. Some are natural derivatives so even get into 'natural' beauty products, which lead us to believe they are good for us.  How far do you want to go back in the processing of this ingredient to see if it is natural.

At Purely Natural Living I create natural products that are good for you and the environment.  Why don't you check out some of the Gift Packs I have this year.  There really is something for everyone.