22 November, 2009

TowTabs – Instant Towelettes

Have you seen the TowTabs in our store? This is a really useful and versatile item that everyone can use.

A TowTab is an instant towelette. It comes in tablet form – small, round and compact. You just add 15mls of water directly to the tablet and watch it expand instantly. Just unroll it and you have a large, moist towelette ready to use. Once it is opened up the towelette measures 20cm x 25cm – much larger than the usual towelettes available.

These are excellent for travelling and take very little water to activate. Add some to your first aid kit or just carry them in your handbag. The tablets are small and won’t take up a lot of room. They come in a handy little refillable case which holds 6 towelettes or in a roll of 10 that is shaped like a roll of lollies.

They are so easy to take wherever you go. Add them to your picnic hamper or BBQ kit. Take them to sporting events or on family days out. They will wipe up spills, clean sticky fingers and deal with grazes. They are quite strong so you can reuse them. They will clean more than one set of sticky fingers.

Best of all TowTabs are environmentally friendly. The towelette is made from cellulose which is extracted from wood pulp. They contain no chemicals or dyes so they are biodegradable and can break down in around 3 weeks.

These are so cheap, convenient and useful that everyone should keep a roll or two of TowTabs handy.  You can get them from Purely Natural Living, today.