06 November, 2009

Why We Use Quality Oils

You have probably wandered shops or markets and seen lovely ranges of sweet smelling oils with prices ranging from really cheap to seriously expensive. Perhaps you have wondered what the difference is between them. Let me tell you a little about essential oils.

Some of the oils you have seen are probably scented oils. They are oils laced with a fragrance so that they smell wonderful. These oils are created in a laboratory and they do not have any health or therapeutic properties about them. They will make your room or products smell lovely, though.

The more expensive oils are probably ranges of essential oil. Essential oils are derived directly from plants and herbs. They can come from many different parts of a plant. Some oils use the bark, some the berry and some the flowers, fruit or leaves of the plant. These contain oils that are known to have health benefits for us.

Even among essential oil ranges you will find quite a variation in quality and price. If you are choosing oils for their therapeutic qualities then it is worth paying the extra price and buying the best quality oils you can find.

At Purely Natural Living we use both scented and essential oils in our products. We label them clearly so that you know what ingredients go into every item that we make. We use high quality Bramble Berry scented oils for their lovely fragrances. Sometimes it is not possible to get an essential oil in that fragrance. It may be far too expensive. For example, rose fragrant oil is only a few dollars per bottle but rose essential oil can be around $50 and even then it is only 3% of the oil blend. Scented oils bring us perfume that we may not be able to get anywhere else.

We use quality essential oils in our products because we know that they are pure and not diluted with other oils. They do not have cheaper but similar smelling plant oils substituted for the real thing. With the cheaper oils you don’t really know how the oil was produced or where they sourced their plants from. Some regions produce plants of purer quality than others so of course the oils extracted from them are much better in quality. We use quality essential oils because they are far more likely to have health benefits than the cheaper oils.

Scented and essential oils are both beautiful products but it is worth buying the best quality that you can. Your nose will notice the difference.