20 November, 2009

How Natural Products Protect the Earth

We hear a lot about products being environmentally friendly these days, but what does it really mean?

An environmentally friendly product is one that causes little or no damage to the earth either during its production, its use or once it is finished. Realistically, anything we make or do has some impact on the environment but an environmentally friendly product is one that makes the least impact of all.

Bath and body products can do a lot of damage to our earth. They often contain synthetic materials and chemicals which artificially provide fragrance or some supposed benefit to our skins. We don’t really know what the long term effect is on the human body but we can already see what effect they have on the world around us. We won’t even talk about the testing on animals…..

Did you know that talc comes from great big open mines? Some of them have even been located inside National Parks. Not only are they digging this out of the earth, they then turn the products including talcum powder which has been linked to cancer.

Mineral oil sounds nice and gentle, doesn’t it? Sadly, mineral oil is poorly named because it is actually derived from petroleum. This is the same product that we know as baby oil and for generations it has been plastered all over our skins. Not only does it stop our skin from breathing but it as it passes through the body it interferes with the elimination of toxins. We damage the earth by mining petroleum, which is not a sustainable product, only to damage ourselves by using it.

You have probably seen reports on how phosphates are feeding the algae in our waterways and causing our fish to die and our water to be polluted. Phosphates are found in laundry and dishwasher products. SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) is another chemical that is in most of the soaps and hair products we use. Although they say it is ‘derived from coconut’ SLS is actually quite corrosive and can cause skin damage. It is also used on animals when manufacturers test for skin reactions. Can you imagine what happens when a chemical cocktail of our household cleaners and cosmetics is flushed into our waterways?

Natural products are made from plants and products that occur naturally in the environment. They are environmentally friendly because they do not interfere with the earth or with plant and animal life. The materials are sustainable so that balance is maintained. Natural products are not processed with chemicals so they have no poisons to seep into the earth nor are they tested on animals. Natural, environmentally friendly products have no side-effects on us or on the Earth. The waterways stay clean and the micro-organisms that are the basis of our food chain stay healthy.

Look around your home and read the labels on the products you are using. How natural are they? Try eliminating chemical products from your home. Why not start by replacing your harmful bath and body products with our natural range? Every step towards natural products is a step towards a healthier life for your family and for the planet.